Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's Opening Night!

"The Inner Life of Martin Frost," Paul Auster's latest cinematic iteration, opened this year's New Directors/New Films with a burst of color and excitement. Paul Auster wrote and directed the film. Cast members Sophie Auster, Irene Jacob, and Michael Imperioli joined Paul Auster on stage to introduce the film. After the screening, Paul Auster, Sophie Auster, and Irene Jacob fielded questions from an eager audience. Michael Imperioli had raced straight from the intro to the stage of Chicken, his most recent theatrical project.

Actor, singer, and student, Sophie Auster, with her father, PaulAll photos by GODLIS, except where otherwise noted

Next on the line-up was Alexis Dos Santos' gorgeous paean to memory and adolescence, "Glue." With its soundtrack by the Violent Femmes and engaging performances, "Glue" is a dreamscape of the negative space of memory and desire, rendered in HD by a director whose every shot bespeaks his painterly sense of proportion and rupture.

Alexis Dos Santos, Director of "Glue."

After the screenings, there was a catered reception downstairs at MoMA. I made my tour of the star-filled room full of vodka and hope. Photographers David Godlis and Irene Meltzer Richard managed to keep me on my feet while at the same time capturing these images...

John Carney, Director of "Once," met praise throughout the room

Director Julia Loktev and Actor Luisa Williams of "Day Night Day Night"

Rodrigo Moreno, Director, "El Custodio"

Kim Massee with Actor Noelie Giraud
Atsushi Ogata, Director, “Eternally Yours”Javier Andrade, Director of “Pia” (short in ND/NF06); Kate Reilly, Actor; and Gloria Reubens, Executive Producer of “Padre Nuestro”Photo: Irene Meltzer Richard

Jim Jarmusch and Sara DriverDirectors Christopher Zalla, "Padre Nuestro," and Michael Jacobs, "Audience of One"

Marian Masone of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, with Paul Auster, Jim Jarmusch, and John Carney, Director of "Once"
Please stay tuned for upcoming interviews and special coverage of the HBO roundtable this Sunday, March 25th.
-Jon Robbins

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