Friday, March 30, 2007

New Directors, New Faces Gather at Gabriel's

On Thursday evening we all enjoyed a delicious buffet and cocktail reception at Gabriel's. The party was full of new faces from the second half of New Directors/New Films. Director Philippe Falardeau showed off his "Congorama" totebag (above). And at one point, we even had a very special guest photographer: the director of "Meanwhile," Diego Lerman!

The reception at Gabriel's was made possible by the generous support of Cineric.

Diego Lerman ("Meanwhile") and Antonio Campos ("The Last 15")

Francine and Balazs Nyari (President of Cineric)
From right to left: Director Ying Liang ("The Other Half") with Marian Masone, FSLC

Director Geoffrey Enthoven ("The Only One")

Joanna Ney, FSLC, with Julia Loktev ("Day Night Day Night")

Francine Nyari with Atsushi Ogata ("Eternally Yours")

Director Diego Lerman ("Meanwhile") and friend

Genevieve Villaflor and Marian Masone, FSLC, with Balazs & Francine Nyari
Liza Johnson (Director of the Opening Night short at last year's New York Film Festival, "South of Ten") enjoys some red with Francine and Balazs Nyari

At the end of the evening, guest photographer (and Director of "Meanwhile") Diego Lerman snuck a group photo -Jon Robbins

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