Monday, March 26, 2007

Two Parties in One Night? No Problem!

Irene Meltzer Richard of the Film Society of Lincoln Center reported the following:

”After partaking of Café Ronda’s paella & Sagatiba tropical cocktails at Cinema Tropical’s salute to the Latin American directors & films featured in ND/NF,

Photo: Irene Meltzer Richard

We headed over to Josephina’s for the ND/NF Directors Party. Spirits were high even though the place was as packed as a subway car at rush hour. Nevertheless, everyone managed to indulge themselves in the copious food & drink and to have a rollicking good time.”

HBO Films and Stella Artois generously sponsored the New Directors/New Films Directors' Party. Special thanks also to the staff at Josephina who helped make the evening so special.

Photographer David Godlis caught the partygoers in action.

Marian Masone, FSLC, enjoys some laughs with the Director of "7 Years," Jean-Pascal Hattu

Sylvia Miles, Celia Weston, & Director Kim Massee ("Cowboy Angels")

Director Karim Ainouz, "Love For Sale"

Director Michael Rosa, "What The Sun Has Seen"

Jonathan Caouette, "Tarnation," with Alexis Dos Santos, Director of "Glue"

Directors Craig Zobel ("The Great World of Sound") and Christopher Zalla ("Padre Nuestro"), with Anne Hubbell of Kodak

Director Peter Schønau Fog and Composer Karsten Fundal, “The Art of Crying,” with Peter's brother Henrik

Steve Grenyo, FSLC, with Directors Michael Jacobs ("Audience of One") and Marco Simon Puccioni ("Shelter")
Filmmaker Emily Hubley

Richard Lorber, Koch Lorber Films; Anne Hubbell, Kodak; Irene Newman, Renew Media

Atsushi Ogata ("Eternally Yours") with Directors Andrea Nix Fine and Sean Fine ("War/Dance")

Directors Joachim Trier, "Reprise," Marco Simon Puccioni, "Shelter," Julia Loktev, "Day Night Day Night," Andrea Arnold, "Red Road," and Kim Massee, "Cowboy Agnels"

Some "Cowboy Angels" at table: Actors Noelie Giraud and Thierry Leveret, with Noelie's Sister

At the end of the night, Directors Rodrigo Moreno ("El Custodio") and Alexis Dos Santos ("Glue") get punk

-Jon Robbins

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